Tips for Artists Who Also Want to Pursue Profits

Posted In: LMCC in the News

Kay Takeda, LMCC’s Director of Grants & Services was featured in The Wall Street Journal in an article that offers tips to artists who also want to pursue profits. Below is an excerpt of what Kay mentioned. Be sure to check out the full article!

While the myth of the solitary artist remains strong, the art world is a who-you-know place, and opportunities—to show at a gallery, to receive a commission, to be part of an exhibition, to rent an affordable studio—arise through recommendations and introductions. “Networking can have a catalytic effect,” says Kay Takeda, director of grants and services for the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, which offers career workshops and a six-week “Basic Finance for Artists” seminar. “Go regularly to openings and talks at galleries and nonprofit art spaces so that you can meet like-minded artists and critics.” She adds that artists need to learn how to make an “elevator pitch,” talking about their own work in a brief and concise way, when the conversation turns to them.

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