Professional Development

20130809 - ASI Finance - 1 Liberty Plaza
20130809 - ASI Finance - 1 Liberty Plaza

Since 2008, LMCC has presented a suite of free workshops and intensive seminars on timely issues in the areas of business proficiency, artistic practice, and community engagement. All of our programs are designed specifically for artists living and working in New York City and offer opportunities to foster learning and dialogue, as well as create robust and expanding networks for participants.

Fundraising Fundamentals 

LMCC’s core fundraising series is designed to help artists develop knowledge and skills in raising the resources to support their practice. The series features resources on five key areas of fundraising, including: the funding ecosystem, grantwriting, budgeting, work sample dos and don’ts, and cultivating individual donors.

Each summer select resources are offered in conjunction with LMCCs Manhattan Arts Grants outreach schedule. All resources are free and open to all. Scroll down to learn more!

Find out more about LMCC’s grant opportunities for Manhattan-based artists and organizations here.


Fundraising Fundamentals Video Series

Use the videos below to increase your skills around and learn approaches to preparing a strong project budget, work samples selection, and lesson plan. These videos are designed to help inform application approaches to LMCC's Manhattan Arts Grants and beyond.


Budgeting 101: In this video, LMCC staff will talk about project budgets and how to prepare a strong project budget for your practice or next application.

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Work Sample Dos and Don'ts:  In this video, LMCC Staff will talk about work samples, their purpose in an application, whether for a grant, residency, or other open calls, and some general considerations for selecting and describing your work samples.

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Lesson Plan: In this video, LMCC staff will talk about the common components of a lesson plan, we will look at an example, using the template for LMCC’s Creative Learning grant application, and then close with some general considerations to help you prepare and strengthen your arts learning curriculums.

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Resources for Manhattan Arts Grants Applicants:

The following are LMCC’s Grants & Services staff top selection of helpful resources for applicants to LMCC’s Manhattan Arts Grants:

Access more learning materials from our professional development series below.

Past programs

Can't find a program that you heard about? It may have ended. Read about past programs here!