Public Programs at The Arts Center at Governors Island

The Take Care Series offers audiences an opportunity to experience art, explore one’s own creative potential, and carry the work beyond Governors Island.

Through performance, workshops, talks, and Open Studios, we explore different ways to care for ourselves and world around us. This series reframes curation as mindful, inclusive and open, linking the practice back to the word’s root meaning - curare - to care - and highlighting the idea that through care, we can positively affect those around us, and by extension, our planet.

This year, we are thrilled to partner with Little Sun, The Climate Museum, Earth Celebrations, and artists Amy Khoshbin (LMCC alum), Jennifer Khoshbin, and Asiya Wadud (LMCC alum) to present a wide range of programs and activities. Visitors can also learn about the practices and preview works-in-progress by our Arts Center artists-in-residence during Open Studios, another program within The Take Care Series

All exhibitions and events in The Take Care Series are free and open to all. We welcome anyone who is interested in engaging with the creative process and connecting directly with artists.

Join us on the third Saturday of every month, now through October, from 12pm-5pm.

Our next Take Care Series programming will take place on August 21.

2021 Take Care Series

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The Climate Museum: Envisioning a Climate Safe Future

1pm and 3pm, 50 min workshops
Studio A4, Upper Level 

Join us for a workshop presented by The Climate Museum and inspired by LMCC artist Muna Malik's installation, Blessing of the Boats. Participants will be invited to share stories that explore a future, climate-safe world and project themselves into that future. How can we use the arts as a pathway to turn an emotional response into action? Into community building?
The Climate Museum will also introduce a newly-launched participatory art initiative with collaborator and LMCC River To River 2020 artist Mona Chalabi, the Beyond Lies campaign, which explores the fossil fuel industry's wrongdoing and invites the public to take an active role in moving beyond business as usual and towards a future focused on climate progress. These explorations and stories will then be woven together into a collaborative group vision for a climate-safe future.

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River 2 River - Arts Center -199124 - CREDIT DAVID GONSIER

Open Studios with Arts Center Artists-in-Residence

From 12pm - 5pm
Artist Studios, Upper Level 

Visit 2021 artists-in-residence at The Arts Center in their studios, where they will share works-in-progress as well as offer hands-on and engaging activities for attendees.

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Amy Khoshbin and Jennifer Khoshbin: Sun Seekers

Studio A4, Upper Level 

The Sun Seekers is an ongoing body of work to promote reconnection with the physical realm as a form of healing. Amy and Jennifer Khoshbin, a sister duo in the arts collective House of Trees, are presenting a public program meant to dissolve the heavy weight surrounding us during the pandemic into a greater awareness of the body and how to sustain our energy to keep fighting for justice.

This public program will incorporate the audience into the Sun Seekers sci-fi narrative, which is an alternate world maintaining a direct correlation to our experience of the pandemic and the re-emergence and connection with the natural environment and each other. Visitors will be inducted to the Sun Seekers community through somatic rituals and be instructed on how to make their own ameliorative reflective objects to take with them such as capes and botanical sculptures using provided materials and guidance from the artists.

Saturday, October 16

EcoPrint Horizontal Leaves Layout

Earth Celebrations: Natural Dye & Eco-Printing Workshop

From 1pm - 3pm
Studio A4, Upper Level 

Create colorful prints with natural elements that don’t harm the environment and celebrate nature's abundance of color this fall. Learn the basics of natural dying and eco-printing fabric with natural pigments. Earth Celebrations artist Michele Brody will engage participants to work with 100% cotton, silk, linen and natural fabrics to dye and print with natural pigments such as indigo, fall leaves, fruits and flowers. Flowers and leaves are used to create a contact print releasing their shape and natural color into the fabric.

Muna Malik: Blessing of the Boats, photo by David Gonsier

we touched the boat to bless it
A workshop led by Asiya Wadud in conversation with Muna Malik’s Blessing of the Boats

Café at The Arts Center at Governors Island

Muna Malik’s work, Blessing of the Boats, invites a series of questions about the kind of future that we desire and what it would take to arrive at that place. Inspired by Muna’s prompt “We have an opportunity to set sail towards a new future—what society would you build and how do we get there?” Asiya Wadud works with participants to respond to these two intertwined questions, weaving them into a collective poem.

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Little Sun: Fast Forward Screening

Films screen on loop from 12pm - 5pm
Studio A4, Upper Level 

Fast Forward is a series of short films that explore five artists’ dreams for a regenerative world. Featuring over 300 global voices, the films have been made by artists from Ethiopia, Senegal, and the United States. Films by Ghost of a Dream, Naod Lemma, Selly Raby Kane, Jessica Segall, and Ezra Wube will screen on loop throughout the day.

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In 2019, we presented The Take Care Series, a fall public program that reframes art curation as a mindful practice stemming from the concept of care. Workshops included a workshop with Jérôme Bel on Isadora Duncan,Olafur Eliasson's Little Sun Sunlight Graffiti, a talk with Soul Fire Farm on Farming While Black, a performance of Anne Mourier's Taking Care Laundry and more. Learn more.