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We hope audiences are enjoying River To River as much as the press is. Reviews of Souleymane Badolo, Vanessa Anspaugh, enrico d wey, and the first R2R Living Room are worth taking some time to enjoy, and share. And, never fear, there’s plenty more dance coming up in the final four days of #R2R2014

On Souleymane Badolo, a dancer and choreographer from Burkina Faso who has lived and worked in New York since 2009:

Mr. Badolo’s gaze, though gentle and open, was full of questions. Slowly, smoothly, he crouched and twisted across that ledge and others in what for the next half-hour became increasingly elaborate but always elegant variations on a man keeping his balance. For a while, the question seemed to be what movement was possible in that restricted space. But he did come off the perches, and it might have been when he fell into a pile of wood chips that one of his arms got scraped.

His liquid motion poured down a short set of stairs and swooped through the courtyard, his knees buckling, his undulant upper body carving space. His hands did something between forming clay and drumming the air. His walking had a strut to it, his contrapposto poses a sculptural beauty. The backward tilt of his torso was the essence of cool.

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On Vanessa Anspaugh, enrico d wey, and the R2R Living Room: 

The weather is always a collaborator in River to River, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s annual festival of site-specific performance, and last weekend it was in peak form. The festival’s organizer, Sam Miller, deserved nothing less; his lineup this year is stellar. Lucid skies, light breezes and just-right temperatures made a dancegoer rejoice in the concept of piers, lawns and seaside cafes as theatrical spaces, as did the stealthy use of those spaces by the artists who occupied them.

Just as a place can frame a performance, a performance can frame a place, intensifying what it looks and feels like or magnifying details you might not have otherwise seen. Such was the case with the three shows I saw over 36 hours…

Read full review here.


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