Julienne Tsang, Development Assistant


What has non-stop anime daydreams, an ear for musical momentum, a penchant for girl-bossing, and also maybe two(2) thumbs? It’s Julienne K. Tsang!

Girl-bossing(as a verb, not the gender) their way through the industry, Tsang is also an arts administrator. With a strong desire to bolster fellow creators, Tsang has pursued multiple avenues from serving as the Chief Financial Officer at Trash Rats Theatre Collective, securing a position as a Development Associate at Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, to being the Founder of The Rose Court Arts Collective which strives to promote and produce multi-disciplinary works through a virtual space.

According to the State University of New York at Fredonia, Tsang graduated with a BM in Music Composition and a BA in Music-Entrepreneurship with a minor in Accounting which is a fancy way of saying they went to college to goof off.