AUNTSchive website for AUNTS Goes Public! Events Summer 2021, created by Majesty Royale
AUNTSchive website for AUNTS Goes Public! Events Summer 2021, created by Majesty Royale

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June 10 - 18, program of events at various times
Studio A4, The Arts Center at Governors Island

All events in the River To River Festival are free and all are welcome

River to River Events hosted at the AUNTS BARCHIVE include special guest artist bartenders, mini performances, talks and gatherings.

Sat.6.10        4 - 7 pm OPENING A night of Toasts, Hosted by Stephanie Acosta
Sun.6.11       2 - 5 pm SOUND at AUNTS, Hosted by Rena Anakwe
Tues.6.13     4 - 7 pm MESSES at AUNTS, Hosted by Cara Francis
Thurs. 6.15  4 - 7 pm WRITING & GLOSSARY at AUNTS, Hosted by Mariana Valencia
Fri.6.16         4 - 7 pm ROVING at AUNTS, Hosted by Leyya Mona Tawil
Sat 6.17        4 - 7 pm REFLECTIONS from the Personal Archive, Hosted by jess pretty
Sun. 6.18      2 - 5 pm AUNTIE-INSTITUTIONAL, Hosted by Travis Chamberlain

Additional Public Hours as part of The Arts Center at Governors Island.

Fri 6.23         4 - 7 pm
Sat 6.24        4 - 7 pm
Sun 6.25       2 - 5 pm


The AUNTS Archive is a public facing community-centered hub for the collection, organization, and creation of an archive for AUNTS, a raucous, roving platform for dance and performance since 2005 based on the core values of inclusivity, collectivity, and resource sharing.

Past AUNTS artists, organizers and new visitors participate in the archive by contributing materials, images, oral histories, or by witnessing. Collectively assembling an archive at our triangular sports bar - modeled after Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party - the BARCHIVE at LMCC’s Art Center at Governors Island will be open throughout June where visitors can visit the bar to view and participate in the archive-in-process. Look at photos and videos from past events, attend live performances, talks, and joining your AUNTIES for a drink. 

Collaborators include Stephanie Acosta, Biba Bell, Laurie Berg, past AUNTS artists + organizers, public institutions that hosted AUNTS from 2005-present

Supported by Van Cleef & Arpels and the National Endowment for the Arts


AUNTS is a roving platform for dance and performance based on the core values of inclusivity, collectivity, and resource sharing. Since 2005, AUNTS has organized over 80 events, residencies, and unique performance formats all over New York City, nationally and internationally and hosted more than 500 artists. Our model encourages lasting artist-to-artist systems of support within and beyond each event. 

AUNTS is changing, shifting and sifting through the history of where it's been. 

AUNTS is looking towards the future with an eye on the past and tending to the roots. 

To celebrate and center dance. 

AUNTS is morphing into a new generation, fresh leadership, and invigorating new works to come. Come gather at the archive, see where we’ve been and help us imagine where we are going.

Profoundly attached to the world of dance since its origins, the High Jewelry Maison strengthens its commitment with Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels.

Guided by the values of creation, transmission and education, this initiative aims to support artists and institutions in presenting choreographic heritage, while also promoting new productions.

Since its launch in 2020, it has promoted numerous dance companies for their creations as well as the presentation of multiple performances around the world.

The program is complemented each year by major events, including the Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels Festival, whose first edition took place in London in March 2022.

This support further extends to awareness-raising actions focused on dance culture for the broadest possible audience, professionals and amateurs alike.