From June 15–24, 2018, LMCC presented the 17th annual River To River Festival, Downtown New York City’s completely free summer arts festival.

The 2018 edition celebrated New York City’s historic and geographic breadth, while looking to the future of the city in its multiplicity of voices and perspectives.

Audiences experienced an array of performances and events exploring and celebrating artistic diversity in all its forms—often blurring the lines between genres including dance, music, theater and the visual arts—over 10 days at over 40 unique sites, institutions, and venues across Lower Manhattan. Events and performances included:

  • Naamah’s Ark, MasterVoices’ dramatic oratorio of Noah's Ark from the perspective of Naamah, Noah’s wife
  • Grandma, a live performance by Cori Olinghouse set in an American landscape of Twinkies and Wonder Bread that exacavated the effects of television, the media, and dark familial pasts as portals
  • Of Granite and Glass, Catherine Galasso’s site-specific dance evoking failed spring breaks, ecstatic dance rituals, and sacred StairMaster routines
  • silent :: partner, enrico d. wey’s bodily exploration of memory and memorialization
  • LES Citizens Parade, a Lower East Side collaboration between choreographer Naomi Goldberg Haas and visual artist Laura Nova
  • It's Showtime NYC!, a site-responsive intervention on the steps of Federal Hall by one the city's largest street dance companies. Directed by Marguerite Hemmings.
  • Night at the Museums, one evening where fourteen of Lower Manhattan’s diverse and culturally significant institutions stay open and free until 8pm!
  • Tribeca Art + Culture Night, a showcase of Tribeca’s fast-growing gallery and arts and culture district
  • Ark in the Parka participatory art project led by Artolution for all ages creating sculptures with found materials
  • LES Movement Workshops

Read about the 2018 Festival in The Brooklyn Rail and Hyperallergic.

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