LES Citizens Parade. Photo courtesy of Laura Nova.
LES Citizens Parade. Photo courtesy of Laura Nova.

June 22, 5:30pm
June 24, 4pm
Seward Park, Enter on East Broadway between Essex and Jefferson Streets (closer to Essex)

About LES Citizens Parade:

The LES Citizens Parade is an activist processional and series of performances connecting community members of NYC’s Lower East Side, co-created by choreographer and Dances for a Variable Population artistic director Naomi Goldberg Haas and visual artist Laura Nova. Performed by legendary senior dancers and neighborhood senior citizens, the work creates a celebratory, visual journey that honors the experience of long-term residents of the Lower East Side, examining the community through lenses of movement, performance and visual art. Performers create literal and figurative routes through a neighborhood of disparate and intersecting traditions including Eastern, Western and Latin American modalities of grace, balance and beauty.

Guest Artists: Bernard Dove, Yehuda Hyman, Margaret Yuen

Music composed by Ezra Bloom

Band led by Paul Shapiro