Mona Chalabi
100 New Yorkers

Begins August 20
22 screens across the Westfield World Trade Center campus

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Presented by LMCC in partnership with Westfield World Trade Center, with support from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey as part of River To River 2020: Four Voices. Exclusive print partner: Absolut Art


By using hard data as the foundation of her art, multidisciplinary artist Mona Chalabi reconstitutes information that is often decontextualized and dehumanized, transforming numbers, charts and statistics into readable, digestible and understandable visual narratives. Her work lays bare the multi-layered and intertwined nature of the systems and structures that we live within and the indisputable effect that these unseen conditions have when they play out across our society.

100 New Yorkers visualizes what the city’s population would look like if it were distilled from its ungraspable millions to a more relatable 100 individuals. Using census data, Chalabi has created 100 characters that, as accurately as possible, visualize the racial, economic and social realities of the city’s population. By framing these characters through various statistical lenses, Chalabi relays a multitude of nonfiction narratives that tell the story of the New York public, and how environment, health, wealth, physical ability and education affect how the diverse population lives, dies and exists in between.

For this iteration of 100 New Yorkers, presented in and around the Oculus on screens and vinyl in the lead-up to the U.S. 2020 presidential election, Chalabi will activate her characters through representation and voter participation statistics. Chalabi’s animations empower viewers by grounding them within a larger community and providing them with tools for informed action.

At the launch of 100 New Yorkers, prints will be available through our Exclusive Print Partner Absolut Art. To be notified when prints become available, please fill out this interest form.

Resources for Action

Mona Chalabi's project 100 New Yorkers visualizes hard data and facts related to serious issues that we face in the run up to the US General Election on November 3rd. There are actions that you can take now as an individual, to help ensure a free and fair election where your voice and needs, as well as the voice and needs of your community are heard. Your action and involvement makes a difference and helps to foster the world you want to experience around you.

Register to vote
Information and directions can be found at Rock the Vote + NY Gov

Help stop voter suppression
Take action with Fair Fight 

Stop voter disenfranchisement
Learn and take action with the Sentencing Project
About Mona Chalabi

Mona Chalabi is a data journalist who lives in New York.

She is a writer. Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times, The New York Review of Books, New York Magazine, The Guardian and many more. She has written for radio and TV including NPR, Gimlet, Netflix, BBC and National Geographic .

She is also an illustrator whose work has been commended by the Royal Statistical Society. Her work has been exhibited at several galleries including the Tate, The Design Museum and the House of Illustration.

Lastly, she’s a producer and presenter. She’s one half of the team that created the Emmy-nominated video series Vagina Dispatches.

Before she became a journalist, Mona worked with large data sets in jobs at the Bank of England, Transparency International and the International Organization for Migration. She studied International Relations in Paris and studied Arabic in Jordan. Mona was born and raised in London.

Photo credit: Lizzy Johnston