The Old Seaport Alliance (OSA) is a neighborhood improvement organization, founded during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and comprised of business owners, employees and residents within the historic Seaport district of Lower Manhattan. The OSA’s mission is to promote its neighborhood and local businesses, beautify and enhance the streetscape, and to enrich its unique community through increased programming of its public spaces with events, markets and more. The OSA always seeks to honor the spirit of the Seaport’s history while advocating for progress and resiliency. Among its many programs and activities, the OSA manages the public spaces in Peck Slip, runs an ongoing Night Market to support local artists, restaurants and musicians, and, thanks to a grant from the City’s Department of Small Business Services, is conducting a feasibility study and plan to implement a destination walkway to connect the Brooklyn Bridge to the Seaport’s waterfront, ships, and piers.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Courtesy of Old Seaport Alliance