Thursday, June 22 from 1:30-2:30PM

Hudson GuildElliott Center, Theater

The Living Gallery” public program will be a discussion/demonstration of the theater improvisation elements explored in the Theater Games/Storytelling Workshop. Class participants will introduce and demonstrate the exercises that actors do in preparation for their work on stage. These exercises include a physical warm-up not only to strengthen but to center and relax the body. Stamina, flexibility and balance are developed. The class members will then begin to move in the space and relate to each other. Connection and energy are shared between class members. Sense memory comes into play as imaginary objects are passed and their weight and size transform. Sound opens through breath and vocalization and movement impulses come into play. The imagination is stimulated and spontaneity results as theater games such as “mirroring,” “building a machine” and “statues” are played out by the class. With fully flexed minds and bodies, stories will be related by the class with an emphasis on physicalization and heightening of the internal/external aspects of the story. Class members are now the actors who will “play” the instrument of their physical, mental and spiritual selves, much as musicians play, riff and jam with their musical instruments. Class members will create living pictures of shared connection with classmates and the audience in “The Living Gallery.”