SU-CASA Virtual Open House this Friday, June 26

Spanish Guitar Workshop at COTHOA Luncheon Club Senior Center, Lisa Spraragen, SU-CASA 2020
Spanish Guitar Workshop at COTHOA Luncheon Club Senior Center, Lisa Spraragen, SU-CASA 2020

SU-CASA Virtual Open House
Friday, June 26 from 9am - 4pm

LMCC invites you to a celebration of our SU-CASA artists and their work with older adults!

This year, so much of what has previously been essential to the SU-CASA program; the in person relationship between the artist and the senior center and the integration of arts programming into the safe and familiar space of the center, has not been possible, but what has remained is the power of exploring new skills, strengthening social connections, and finding additional modes of expression. Each of our artists has responded to this moment differently and developed unexpected ways of connecting with older adults
at a distance.

On Friday, June 26th we will share a glimpse into this practice. Please tune into LMCC's YouTube Channel throughout the day from 9am-4pm for a showcase of our SU-CASA cohort's collaboration with older adults including follow along arts activities and instruction. All 20 of our SU-CASA artists will present in this day-long celebration.

or listen by calling 929-205-6099
When prompted, enter 970 7034 1652 #.

SU-CASA 2020 Artists

9:00 AM

Sachiyo Ito - Hudson Guild Neighborhood Center
Japanese Dance Workshop: In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of Japanese classical dance, repertories from kabuki dance, and folk dances, and they will have a chance to perform as part of the public component of the project, followed by audience participation.

Navarra Novy-Williams - Project FIND Hamilton Innovative Senior Center
Poetry in Movement explores dance alongside poetry as equally evocative forms of expression. Participants will learn a sequential movement practice for strengthening and mobility as well as explore abstract and interpretive movement. Throughout the series we will read and discuss specific poems and forms, creating parallel movement poems. Classes will be appropriate for seniors of all levels of experience and physical ability by listening to individual needs and celebrating each unique body and experience.

DOEprojekts (Deborah and Glenn Doering) - Lenox Hill Neighborhood Senior Center
Let’s Do Modern! – Integrate Modern Ideas in Your Visual and Written Works: Modernism is a period of visual and written culture that spans the 19th and 20th centuries. Let’s Do Modern! workshops examine ideas related to Places/Spaces, Identity, Object-making, and Society. The workshops provide a congenial and safe space for participants to explore the creation of their own visual and written works related to Modernism.

10:00 AM

Marty Correia - Carter Burden Luncheon Club Neighborhood Senior Center
What’s YOUR Story? Memoir Workshop: This is a memoir-writing workshop that will start in February and run through June 2020. Over the course of the program, SU-CASA participants will work together and individually to start (or continue) their memoirs. Participants will read and discuss each other’s work as well as that of published authors. This workshop provides a safe space for sharing stories and a supportive atmosphere for building writing skills and confidence

Lucy Sexton - Project FIND Clinton Neighborhood Senior Center
Moving Stories uses movement, theater, and writing exercises to enable participants to make short powerful performances, telling stories from their lives and using movement and music to bring them to life. Each class will begin with a movement warm up and ends with a writing workshop. There will be performances of the work created. Movers and storytellers of all kinds welcome!

Ethan Fox - CHSCC/Beatrice Lewis Senior Center
World Drumming will focus on various types of music from around the world. We will use instruments and our voices to express ourselves. This class will help us connect with each other, our own creativity and have fun!

11:00 AM

Sue Burickson - Project FIND Woodstock Neighborhood Senior Center
Wisdom and Wonder: This project explores the effect of Synesthesia (union of the senses) on creativity utilizing a combination of painting, poetry, inspirational quotes, illuminated manuscripts, and calligraphy.

Linda Humes - Gaylord White Neighborhood Senior Center
Life Stories Storytelling Residency This is a storytelling residency including music, visual arts, personal narratives and traditional stories. The residency culminates with a performance celebrating the rich culture and lived experience of the participants.

Zoe Freilich - PSS Harlem Neighborhood Senior Center
Experimental Portraiture: Beginning with an introduction to fundamentals of picture making, the class will examine ideas around portraiture. We will focus on the following concepts: point-of-view, empathy, agency, identity, and self-representation; how lighting, body language, and environment are a few factors that impact the viewer’s reading of an image. This class will enable students to enhance their artistic vision, while delving deeper into the complexities of the individuals that make up the community around the senior center.

Alice Klugherz - FIND Aid Coffeehouse Neighborhood Senior Center
Mood Map – Charting Life Changes with Writing & Movement: Through writing and movement we will explore life changes on the micro and macro level. Using push-pin avatars on a landscape of moods we will track mood shifts at the beginning and the end of each workshop. The map will be changed/added to by participants using collage, colored pencils etc. to reflect the people who use it. Mood Maps will culminate in a showing/reading of the work and photos of the changing map.

Lunchtime Intermission

12:45 PM

Jade Lam - Sirovich Innovative Senior Center
An Introductory Course in Chinese Brush Painting – A Closer Look at Nature introduces fundamental concepts and techniques of Chinese brush painting. Participants practice brushstrokes unique to Chinese brush painting, mastering basic techniques to let them develop their own forms of artistic expression. The class explores the beauty of Nature. Subjects being studied include flowers from various seasons, landscape, animals and insects.

Laura Nova - Phipps Plaza West NORC (Phipps Neighborhoods N.O.R.C.)
Radio Show: Hear, Here! is a variety radio show which captures the stories of older New Yorkers crafted in storytelling and audio production workshops held at Phipps NORC.

Jing Dong - Hamilton Madison Knickerbocker NORC
Theatrical Storytelling is a series of workshops for English-speaking and Chinese-speaking seniors to develop their storytelling artistry through theatre activities focusing on different aspects of storytelling. With techniques learned and confidence gained in the workshops, participants will be able to bring their stories to life and develop a performance that consists of individual and collective stories. In the process, participants will be able to build connections with each other and with the community

Richard Grunn - Weinberg Center for Balanced Living
Radio Theater: The goal of this program is to introduce students to the basics of radio theater. They will explore various live sound effects techniques used in the golden age of radio, and learn how sound effects support the auditory illusion of the story. Students will create their own scripts, based on a NYC theme, which will be performed and recorded before a live audience at the end of the program.

2:00 PM

Walter Perez - Riverstone Senior Life Neighborhood Senior Center
Latin Social Dance and Exercise is a specially designed program for seniors that promote physical activity and the joy of social dancing. They will be proud of their Latin heritage while they learn the basic steps and the culture and history of the most popular Latin dances like: Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia,Bachata, Chachacha and Argentine Tango

Natasha Tiniacos - Fort Washington Neighborhood Senior Center
Mother Song is a poetry workshop in Spanish for senior citizens of the Washington Heights community, in Manhattan. This program consists on weekly sessions, visits of guest speakers, field trips, and a public reading and publication.

Simone Coonrod - Washington Lexington Senior Center
Swing n’ Seniors: This residency will engage the seniors in actively moving and dancing. We will draw material from the swing era with its vibrant vocabulary, community-based participation and infectious music of brass and rhythm. We will be incorporating our own voices and stories as we progress throughout the months together. Also, there will be a writing component that will go hand-to-hand with our movement.

3:00 PM

James Cade Top - Hamilton Grange Neighborhood Senior Center
Graffiti Art, the Word, the Meaning, the Art Form This program is designed to engage participants in graffiti art projects. In the process, participants will learn the history of the art form and introduce seniors to the language and its meaning. The program's unintimidating design welcomes those with little or no confidence in their artistic abilities and provides a fun and informative experience for all.

Patricia Ayres - Stanley Isaacs Neighborhood Senior Center
Creative Practices: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture: Participants are invited to actively engage in creating artwork from concept to finished work including drawing, collage and small sculptural objects. We will consider art historical references, contemporary art, group discussions, writing and personal narratives.

Lisa Sparagen - COTHOA Luncheon Club Neighborhood Senior Center
Spanish Guitar Workshop: Learn guitar basics - tuning, chords, arpeggios and rhythms. We will practice as a group and you will receive individual instruction. Percussionists, singers, dancers and aficionados of guitar are all welcome.

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