Onyedika Chuke’s The Forever Museum Archive_Circa 6000BCE featured in Artforum!

Photo Credits; Onyedika Chuke
Photo Credits: Onyedika Chuke

Gabriel H. Sanchez discusses the ideas behind Chuke's Severed Head of Hercules, describing how "the dynamics between the oppressed and the oppressor are explored in The Forever Museum Archive/The Untitled/Severed Head of Hercules, 2019–21, a translucent bust of the titular warrior, which appeared as though it had simply been tossed into the middle of the gallery. [...] Embedded in the surface of the work are bits of shattered glass that Chuke collected from storefront windows broken during the riots in Manhattan’s SoHo after the murder of George Floyd in 2020. The work is a powerful and disturbing capstone to an extraordinary, haunting show."

The Forever Museum Archive_Circa 6000BCE is an exhibition co-presented by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and Pioneer Works.

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