Hyperallergic’s Review of Sun Seekers Performance by Amy Khoshbin and Jennifer Khoshbin

Installation view of Sun Seekers at The Arts Center at Governors Island (all photos Christen Clifford/Hyperallergic)

Check out Hyperallergic's review of Sun Seekers' performance by Amy Khoshbin and Jennifer Khoshbin!

The Sun Seekers Induction Ceremony is an hour-long participatory performance led by Amy Khoshbin, co-written by Yuliya Tsukerman and choreographed by Danielle Russo.

This River to River performance, set in sisters Amy and Jennifer Khoshbin’s immersive installation at The Arts Center at Governors Island, features performers Mercedes Searer, Ching-I Chang, Eshe All Day Hues, and musicians Alex Koi and Jon Panikkar. 

Don't forget to visit The Arts Center at Governors Island for the exhibitions before they close on October 30th.

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