Happy New Year from LMCC!


We have an opportunity to set sail towards a new future—what society would you build and how do we get there? Poet and LMCC Alumni Asiya Wadud led a workshop where participants created a collective poem responding to Blessing of the Boats as part of The Take Care Series in 2021.

As we look forward to the year ahead, LMCC thanks those who have contributed their visions to Muna Malik's Blessing of the Boats at Battery Park City and The Arts Center at Governors Island. We invite you to share your hopes and intentions for our shared future in 2022!


we will walk into the water together
learning, leaning nightly conversations then
a conversion
or seeing each other as


two people forming one shape that is twice the

height— wrested from us


eyes and breath and still the moon
the want the lack and still the moon
people still searching


a wish to want to go— in time
green cobalt spaces to sink emerge


leisure of cards before dinner, resplendent time


we will walk into the water together, eyes bearing the
weight; the boat is a conversion into the
bottom of granite language


the wind becomes a fixed feature—
sail and unsailable
wherever the wind goes it goes


fearless or unconditional or life or granite
boats or opportune


the water breathes us in breathes us out
breathes language stone pebble weighted conversions


two people forming one shape that is twice the given height

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