Sarah Michelson, Extended Life 2019

Sarah Michelson

I am dedicated to derailing my own proceedings – I am dedicated to threading the eye of the needle – to my own abjection as an embodied path – I am dedicated to destabilization to failure and to my love of dance. i continue to try and work in places i have never been and to the mystery of performing a kind of expansive room control as a way of thinking about the offering of/presentation of live time based work… dances….i really love the theater.. I also feel sick a lot in lobbies… standing there… the chatting and waiting…makes me not want to go… but i go. i feel alone very often in this work i do and i’m not exactly sure why that is….pulling off my own skin as I attempt hydration…

further into this place further into the possibility of nothing the place where everything is closer to the nerve that fails me closer to a lower octave, a resilient darkness, a bouncy castle.