Amy Lee Sanford, Workspace 2019-20

Amy Lee Sanford is an Earth-based artist born in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Amy Lee delves into concepts of memory, healing and displacement through a process-based practice. Her exhibitions include Cascade, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, Australia, 2015; and Full Circle, MetaHouse, Cambodia, 2012. Her group exhibitions include Archives in Residence: Southeast Asia Performance Collection, Haus der Kunst, Munich, 2019; UnAuthorised Medium, FramerFramed, Amsterdam, 2018; and Cinerama, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore, 2017.


Amy is a recipient of Hill End Artist in Residence Program, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, Australia, 2014, as well as In Residence, Season of Cambodia, New York, 2013.


Full Circle | Day 3 | Image 8353 Tree Island | Break Pot Performance | 2013 | Image 2 Striae (video still) planning_anxiously_Sanford
Break Pot performance at Tree Island. Phnom Penh, Cambodia Photo credit: Lauren Iida File # _MG_5506