Welcoming artists to the Workspace 2023-2024 Residency!


We’re thrilled to welcome an incredible cohort of artists to the Workspace 2023-2024 Residency Program!

LMCC’s longest-running residency program, Workspace, is a nine-month studio-based program that focuses on the creative process and cohort development of emerging artists. Workspace nurtures experimentation, creative risk-taking, collaboration, learning and skill sharing through regular opportunities for dialogue with peers and arts professionals. Situated within donated office space each year, Workspace offers a unique opportunity to reimagine what it means to work in Lower Manhattan.

Workspace 2023-2024 Residency Program Includes: 

Francheska Alcántara
Blanka Amezkua
Lucas Baisch
Elvira Clayton
Francisco Donoso
SaraNoa Mark
Miriam Simun
Corinne Spencer
Alex Strada
Cici Wu

And a special shoutout to Jessica Lagunas, our On-Site Assistant, who will be supporting this incredible group throughout their journey!