Unveiling the Citi Brand Sculpture: An Art-Centered Sustainability Collaboration with Citi and LMCC

The Citi Brand Sculpture is a 2019 Global Public Affairs Investment Fund project, led by Citi’s Global Brand Experience Team, in collaboration with LMCC.


On November 25, 2019, Citi and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) unveiled a sculpture that will form a focal point in the lobby of Citi’s newly-renovated global headquarters in Tribeca. The sculpture, constructed primarily out of recycled and reclaimed materials, symbolizes Citi’s firm-wide commitment to sustainable initiatives and to the lower Manhattan neighborhood that serves as home to their headquarters. Citi and LMCC collaborated on the project from conception to completion, showcasing a mutual commitment to environmental sustainability and conservation. This partnership is just one example of how Citi is deepening its ties to the Tribeca community. 

The sculpture’s key components intentionally reflect the many innovative sustainability features that Citi has incorporated into the renovation of its global headquarters. LED lights symbolize the switch to efficient lighting sources throughout the 40-story building, and the illuminated recycling bins represent the elimination of individual trash cans, resulting in the use of fewer plastic trash bags. The aluminum armature represents the improved energy efficiency achieved through an ice storage plant, which produces ice overnight and cools the building during the day, reducing the building’s demand for electricity during peak periods. Nearly 90% of the waste and debris from the building renovation was diverted to facilities that recover, reuse, and recycle materials. This focus on conservation is embodied by the use of recycled and reclaimed materials throughout the artwork. 

Of its partnerships, Executive Director of Finance & Administration, Diego S. Segalini commented, “LMCC has partnered with corporations, foundations, government agencies and local cultural organizations to use artistic activities as drivers in the building of sustainable neighborhoods and cities. LMCC’s partnership with Citi reflects leadership and stewardship of our ecological context, reimagining design with resiliency in mind and for generations to come.”

Recently, LMCC opened the Arts Center at Governors Island, a creative incubator connecting artists and audiences in dialogue. The 40,000 square foot building is the first home for artists and audiences on Governors Island, a valuable public resource, and an exemplary model of adaptive reuse. Methods to consider the environmental, social, and economic consequences were applied at every stage of the renovation and institutional programming, with a goal of zero waste, composting, and reusing available materials. For its inaugural season in 2019, programs in LMCC’s Arts Center focused on sustainability, the environment, and ecology in the work exhibited. An engaging, interdisciplinary Take Care series, based on the theme of caring for oneself, others, and the planet, was also presented during the inaugural season.

“As it approaches its 50th year, LMCC remains a vanguard in bridging art and sustainability within our urban environment. The commitment that Citi has made towards sustainability and the environment at its new HQ is remarkable. We are very proud that LMCC and Citi have opened up a creative dialogue that speaks to a regenerative vision and the strength of shared resources.”  said Lili Chopra, LMCC’s Executive Director of Artistic Programs.

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