The Arts Center at Governors Island – Reopening June 12!


 Exhibitions by
Meg Webster, Onyedika Chuke, and Muna Malik

June 12 - Oct 31
The Arts Center at Governors Island

LMCC is thrilled to announce that The Arts Center at Governors Island—the first year-round, permanent home for the arts on Governors Island curated and presented by LMCC—will re-open to the public on June 12 with commissioned, site-specific exhibitions by internationally renowned artists Meg Webster and Onyedika Chuke and a participatory sculpture installation by Muna Malik.

Running through October 31, the 2021 season presentations push us to examine the fixity of the surrounding world, prompting us to question our social, environmental, and personal structures of justice and our understandings of sustainability. In this exploration, water becomes the undercurrent of the exhibited works at The Arts Center: physically, as the vital life source with which we nourish and grow; and metaphysically, as the ever shifting entity whose flows inform new ways to interact with and reimagine the world around us.

Appropriate COVID-19 public health protocols will be in place. As always, all programming and events at The Arts Center are free and open to the public, and all are welcome.

Tickets are required to visit The Arts Center at Governors Island. Make a reservation by clicking the link below.

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Meg Webster

June 12–October 31
Thursday–Sunday, 12–5 p.m.

Curated by Alice Russotti, LMCC

Meg Webster’s work is grounded in an unwavering interest in natural cycles and how a nuanced combination of form, material and site can come together to create diversely charged ecological systems. Layering the trace of ancient growth onto real-time germination, the installation subtly inflects the arch of our understanding of natural time, reorienting the viewer towards a more expansive understanding of their relationship to the environment both in terms of what has been engineered within the gallery and what occurs naturally beyond it.

Onyedika Chuke
The Forever Museum Archive_Circa 6000BCE

June 12–October 31
Thursday–Sunday, 12–5 p.m.

Presented in partnership with Pioneer Works, curated by Gabriel Florenz

Onyedika Chuke’s ongoing project The Forever Museum Archive (2011-present) dissects the mythologies of power within the fabric of contemporary society. This latest iteration—co-commissioned by LMCC and Pioneer Works—features a monumental 2,200 sq ft installation. A culmination of research conducted by the artist/archivist on Rikers Island (2018-19), Rome (2015), and Libya (2011), the work weaves together postcolonial theory with material workmanship to analyze the origins of the carceral state, military, and religion.
Muna Malik's Blessing of the Boats. Photo by Muna Malik

Muna Malik
Blessing of the Boats

June 12–October 31
Thursday–Sunday, 12–5 p.m.

Muna Malik’s Blessing of the Boats is an interactive, participatory sculpture constructed of mirrored and transparent materials, creating a matrix of reflections that fractures and reassembles the physical surrounding. Conceptually, the work matches this potential for reconfiguration by engaging with the audience through a prompt, asking: We have an opportunity to set sail towards a new future. What society would you build and how do we get there? Writing responses onto origami paper boats that each participant builds themselves, the work activates the audiences in thought, supporting them as they make their first step towards becoming agents of change.

The Arts Center at Governors Island will reopen on June 12 with our new public season! Stay tuned for more information on public programming and events this summer.

The Arts Center is accessible to the public by ferry and is a one minute walk from Soissons Landing when arriving from Manhattan.

We look forward to seeing you in June!