The Arts Center artist Buket Savci featured at SPRING/BREAK Art Show!

Courtesy of Buket Savci
Courtesy of Buket Savci

The works by current The Arts Center artist-in-residence Buket Savci is now on view at SPRING/BREAK Art Show in a solo presentation titled 'Wrong Side of the River' (Pink Room) and in a group project titled "Garden of Earthly Delights"!

Savci's recent paintings orchestrate multiple figures entangled with each other surrounded by inflatables and toys, painted in vivid colors with details of textiles, and patterns.

"I come from a family of generations of immigrants, and being the first member in the Americas no doubt images of boats and inflatables immediately remind me of the trials and tribulations of immigrants and refugees. But I deliberately stay away from negative elements in my art. Underneath the joyful colors and celebration there lies layers about longing for connection, equality, and justice." says Buket Savci.

SPRING/BREAK Art Show is on view through September 13, 2021 at 625 Madison Ave, NYC!

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