Thank you for joining us at MURMURATIONS by Gregory Corbino!

Photo by Ian Douglas
Photo by Ian Douglas

Thank you all for joining us at MURMURATIONS by Gregory Corbino on July 29.

A collective puppetry performance transformed Battery Park City into a seascape of androgynous oysters, stunning sturgeon, and captivating cetaceans.

Responding to the impacts of climate change and plastic pollution on the ocean, giant puppets crafted of plastic trash were removed from New York City waterways.


Mery Cheung
Ak Jansen
Tamara Ochoa
Ryan Shinji Murray
Juanita Cardenas
Francisca Benítez
Lily Paulina
Eleonore Weill
Marcelo Perez
Sunder Ganglani
Jordan Lloyd
Julian Garita
Gil Verrelli
Kai Pelton
Ali Dineen


Presented in partnership with Battery Park City Authority


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