SU-CASA 2019 Public Programs

SU-CASA artists will publicly present their work over the coming weeks as they victoriously conclude their partnership with LMCC. Artists include James Top, Paul Ferrara, Mei Kazama, Jennifer Verbit, Andrea Beeman, Jade Lam, Stephanie M. Echeveste, Michael Sherman, Andrew Suseno, Leonardo Sardella, Julia Rooney, Camille Hoffman, Walter Perez, Vinny Mraz, Edward Lu, Richard Grunn, Emily Stedman, Marty Correia, and Syma: Goddard at Lincoln Square.  See below for event and exhibition details:

Tuesday, June 11, 1:30-3:30PM
Paul Ferrara: Faces and Places – Exploration in Drawing
Carter Burden Luncheon Club
351 East 74 Street, New York, NY 10021

Explorations in Drawing is a beginning drawing class that focused on exploring various materials that allow for self-expression and learning different drawing techniques. For this public event, the drawings and 3D objects created by the participants in the class will be on exhibit. Jazz vocalist Audrey Silver will be performing a selection of Jazz classics and favorites.
Thursday, June 13, 3PM (Exhibition on view June 18-25, Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm)
Mei Kazama: Kamishibai Art Class Presentation
Greenwich House Independence Plaza Senior Center
20 Washington Square North, New York, NY 10011

Seniors at the Greenwich Senior Center will share stories from their life through the art of kamishibai. The presentation and exhibition are welcome to all ages, and children are encouraged to attend.
Friday, June 14, 10AM-12PM
Jennifer Verbit: Artwork Viewing and the Teaching Class
Riverstone Senior Center
99 Fort Washington Avenue, New York, NY 10032

The design of the public component is a cross between a drop-in program and an art show reception. Taking place during our regular class time, the seniors will be there to answers questions about their book projects. Plus, they will teach you how to make a book! We invite you as friends, family, and the community to come by Friday, June 14th, 10am-12pm to experience something new.
Moday, June 17, 12:15 – 1:45PM
Andrea Beeman: BollyBelly Dance Arts Celebration
Project FIND Coffeehouse Senior Center
331 West 42nd Street, New York NY

Project FIND Coffeehouse Senior Center presents BollyBelly Dance Arts Celebration featuring performances by Andrea Beeman’s SU-CASA BollyBelly Dancers, Andrea & the Dancing Rubies, & other special guests. There will be a fashion show to present the costumes created in the Costume Class. Samosas will be served.
Tuesday, June 18, 1:00-3:00PM (Exhibition on view through August 16)
Jade Lam: “Nature is Around Us” Exhibition by Participants of Chinese Brush Painting
Class at Project FIND Hamilton Innovative Senior Center – A SU-CASA Program
Project FIND Hamilton Innovative Senior Center
141 West 73rd Street, New York NY

“Nature is Around Us” Exhibition will celebrate the beauty of Nature through the wonderful paintings created by the participants of the Chinese Brush Painting Class. The exhibition will cover eight selected topics including orchids, lotus, bamboos, pine trees, plum blossoms, chrysanthemums, butterflies and hydrangeas. Participants’ individual paintings as well as collaborative group projects will be showcased.
Tuesday, June 18, 1:30PM – 4:00PM
Stephanie M. Echeveste: Woven Memories: An Exhibition

175 Delancey Street, 4F, New York, NY

We will be exhibiting fiber artwork created during the Woven Memories: A Fiber Art Class program at Grand Coalition of Seniors in the Lower East Side. Work will draw on our own personal experiences and memories and use a variety of fiber art techniques, such as collage, macramé, embroidery, and weaving.
Wednesday, June 19, 11:00AM – 1:00PM
Michael Sherman: Painting Likeness – A Final Exhibition

Senior Center at Saint Peter’s Church
619 Lexington Avenue, New York NY

‘Painting Likeness, A Final Exhibition’ – The Senior Center at Saints Peter’s Church invites you to a special lunch where refreshments and food will be served in celebration of ‘Painting
Likeness’, displaying work created by seniors during a 5-month residency in which artist Michael Sherman taught likeness in portrait, object and landscape painting.
Thursday, June 20, 10:00AM – 12:00PM
Syma: Goddard at Lincoln Square: A Celebration of Clay Jewelry-Making

Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center
250 West 65 Street, New York NY

On Thursday June 20, 10:00 am – 12:00 noon, we will celebrate the process and the results of our 5-month long “Wear That Clay’ SU-CASA Program. Lincoln Square NORC and Goddard Riverside Community Center will host a viewing of a tabletop exhibition of jewelry created by the program participants. Also on view will be some photos of our jewelry-making process.
Seniors will be wearing their hand-made ceramic jewelry. Certificates of participation will be presented to the seniors. Light refreshments will be served.
Thursday, June 20, 2:00PM – 5:00PM
Andrew Suseno via Parcon Resilience: Open Movement Café

Jefferson Houses Neighborhood Senior Center
2205 First Avenue, New York NY

Open Movement Café is a chance for members of the “Moving Words” SU-CASA Resident program to share their explorations of movement, meaning making and collective creation in a cafe-like atmosphere. Audience members will be invited to experiment and experience certain approaches to movement and to sit and enjoy the performance of others from the members.
Snacks and drinks will be provided!
Tuesday, June 25, 9:30 – 11:30AM
Leonardo Sardella: Tango for Wellness

Hudson Guild Senior Center
441 West 26 Street, New York NY

Tango for Wellness is a morning of milonga, a social tango party, with teaching artist Leonardo Sardella and senior participants. With live music, professional dance performances, and authentic Argentinean food (“empanadas”), we will open the dance floor for social dancing.
Tuesday, June 25, 2:00PM – 4:00PM
Julia Rooney: (UN)FORMING PAPER – Works in paper made at the Stanley M. Isaacs

Neighborhood Center
Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center
415 East 93 Street, New York NY

On June 25th from 2-4pm, participants in (Un)Forming Paper will share their work with the community at the Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center. Sculptures, books and flat works will be on display, with the artists present to discuss their work. The range of work will highlight their experimentation with materials and techniques, and their individualized approaches to
transforming these materials into artworks.
Wednesday, June 26, 10:00AM – 12:00PM
Camille Hoffman: In Our Image: a celebration of new works by the art class at Corsi Neighborhood Senior Center

Corsi Neighborhood Senior Center
307 East 116th Street, New York NY

A final exhibition of works created by students over the course of our session, these mixedmedia works focus on the theme of representation, landscape, and the body as explored by each member of the class.
Wednesday, June 26, 11:00AM – 1:00PM
Walter Perez: Latin Social Dance

COTHOA Luncheon Club Neighborhood Senior Center
2005 Amsterdam Avenue, New York NY

Fiesta!!! It is party time!!! We want to proudly share our Latin heritage embedded in our music, dance, and food. Live music, performances, delicious food and lots of fun memories. After our warm-up routine, the senior participants will get to demonstrate the dances that were taught, share their experiences of the program. The floor will be open to social dancing after the participants’ presentation.
Friday, June 28, 11:30AM – 12:30PM
Vinny Mraz: No Kidding: Comedic Stories and Tales from the Comedy Workshop

PSS King Towers Center
50 Lenox Avenue, New York NY

No Kidding: Comedic Stories and Tales from the Comedy Workshop is a variety show featuring the stories, jokes and anecdotes from the participants of the Comedy Workshop program. Over the course of several months we’ve learned the basics of telling a good joke, how to develop your personal stories, creating characters and discovering what makes us laugh and why. Join us for an afternoon of tales from real life about the little moments and the big that make us laugh and bring us joy.
Friday, June 28, 12:00PM – 1:00PM
Edward Lu: Knickerbocker Village NORC Film Screenings and Listening Party

Hamilton Madison House/Knickerbocker Village Senior Services NORC
36 Monroe Street, New York NY

The event will feature screenings of short films and playback/performance of songs created by the participants during their workshops from February to June 2019. The works will highlight the existing role of arts and music in the lives of the seniors of Knickerbocker Village, as well as their forays into songwriting and recording.
Friday, June 28, 1:00PM – 2:00PM
Richard Grunn: The Woodstock Center Presents The Radio Theater Play “The Building”

Project FIND Woodstock Senior Center
127 West 43rd Street, New York NY

The participants at the Woodstock House Center will perform an original radio play, “The Building.” In the story two friends have been selected to live in a new luxury building in the Hudson Yards area. The actors will perform before an audience with live sound effects.
Friday, June 28, 2:00PM – 4:00PM
Emily Stedman: “Splashing Paint”: Hamilton Grange Senior Center Art Show

Hamilton Grange Senior Center
420 West 145th Street, New York NY

Creativity reigns and enlivens at Splashing Paint, an art exhibition featuring the work of the watercolor class at the Hamilton Grange Senior Center in Harlem. The event, featuring a live musician, refreshments and inspiring art, will be held on Friday June 28 at 2:00 pm.
Friday, June 28, 6:00PM – 7:30PM
Marty Correia: Stories of Our Lives: The Sirovich Senior Center Memoir Class Reading

Sirovich Senior Center
331 East 12th Street, New York NY

Please join us for the “Stories of Our Lives” event on Friday, June 28th at 6pm, followed by a wine and cheese reception. This public reading at the Sirovich Senior Center celebrates literary pieces written by participants in the 2019 SU-CASA “What’s YOUR Story?” memoir class. The 5-month writing workshop is led by LMCC’s SU-CASA Artist-in-Residence, Marty Correia.

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