Directed by Marguerite Hemmings

June 18 - 22, 4pm
Steps of Federal Hall at Broad and Wall Streets

About It's Showtime NYC!:

On the steps of Federal Hall, the birthplace of the modern United States, and in front of the New York Stock Exchange, a symbol of corporate America, It's Showtime NYC!, now one of the largest street dance companies in New York City, will perform a site-responsive intervention, directed by choreographer Marguerite Hemmings.

About Marguerite Hemmings:

Marguerite Hemmings, performance artist and educator, directs a multimedia endeavor called we free. we free looks at the millennial approach to liberation through its music, social dance and social media. we free is centered in the livelihood and reparation of the African continent and diaspora. It is a social experiment, a conversation, a non-performance, and in moments a critique of, the millennial generation and what we are doing, right now, to be free.

About It's Showtime NYC!:

It’s Showtime NYC! in only its 3rd year of activity with now more than 20 members, has become one of the largest street dance companies in New York City. A program of Dancing in the Streets to celebrate New York City street culture, the group provides performance and professional development opportunities to street and subway dancers as a legal alternative to dancing in the train.


Christopher "Venxm" Brathwaite, Quinn "Qu" Brown, Kester "Flexx" Estephane, Chadwick "Chad" Hamilton, Quintin "Genesis" Isaacs, Anthony "Laiden" John, Jerry "J-resh" Joseph, Jonathan "Soho" Mac Donald, Nazier "Bless" Morales, Rhea "Wiildkard" Nance, D'Amani "Domino" Sealy, William "Repo Rakkz" Watson.