Three individuals standing in an artist studio having a conversation. Behind the individuals are two corner studio walls filled with colorful artwork including framed photo portraits, textile pieces, jewelry and sculptures of construction helmets, displayed on a table.
Gabriel Garcia Roman's (Workspace 22-23 alum) Studio, Photo by Julieta Cervantes

LMCC Workspace Open Studios
Workspace 2023-24 Residency Cohort

June 15 & 16, 12-5pm
101 Greenwich Street
[Entrance on 2 Rector Street]
FREE (RSVP Requested)
Drop-Ins welcome and encouraged

Open Studios offered a glimpse into the creative process and artistic development of LMCC’s 2023-2024 Workspace artists-in-residence.

Members of the public were invited into the studios of 11 multidisciplinary artists: Francheska Alcántara, Blanka Amezkua, Lucas Baisch, Elvira Clayton, Francisco Donoso, SaraNoa Mark, Miriam Simun, Corinne Spencer, Alex Strada, Cici Wu, and Jessica Lagunas (On-Site Assistant, Workspace '22-23), to learn about their practices and experience a wide range of artistic works in progress, from theater-based work to sculpture, painting, film, photography, and more. Held at the culmination of this nine-month program, guests engaged in conversation with artists in their studios and experienced live performances (readings, screenings, workshops, and more).

Saturday, June 15 - Sunday, June 16

Blanka Amezkua
My Dream Florecita
Flower Making Station, drop-in
Living Room

During her residency, artist Blanka Amezkua focused on painting flowers from medicinal plants in the Codex de la Cruz-Badiano, the first medical book created in the Americas. The artist invites visitors to make their own florecita using colorful loose silk petals. Meet Blanka to receive a center flower and a hair band to start your florecita, while supplies last. Use 5-10 petals, from small to large, and attach them to the band.



Elvira Clayton
436 Community Co-Create
Participatory Crochet Workshop, drop-in
Artist studio

436 Community Co-Create, is a mobile community engagement workshop that accompanies Elvira Clayton's new long-term project 436, an installation that includes 436 textile-based sculptures. Multi-generational participants will be invited to crochet or braid strips of fabric to create embellishments that Clayton will incorporate into making the sculptures.


Miriam Simun
New Pressure New Force
Video screening, 15 sec
Studios entrance

As the world drowns, we go onwards and under, discarding the human, evolving the cephalopod, thriving in the depths of the sea.

Where here and there interpenetrate each other
Living Room

A map of what is known, unknown, wild, and seen.



Saturday, June 15 - Sunday, June 16

Miriam Simun
What if everything goes right at the same time?
Reading, 15 min
Conference Room

It's dance, not a poem - a poem that's not a dance 


Lucas Baisch
404 Not Found
Reading, 20 min
Conference Room

404 Not Found (recently published book): In Lucas Baisch’s 404 Not Found, we find ourselves at the back of a clay building that signals “stay away, stay awake.” Slack has a bad habit of holding people captive and now he’s the one shackled to a metal grate. Ro makes ends meet through drag-play for a truck-stop benefactor. She leverages her wages to travel down the neck of the Americas, making herself invisible along the way. Her cousin Cameo carries cups of water to Slack, then retreats to La Barranca, a digital landscape of his own invention where he encrypts documents for asylum-seekers. A twisting, twisted work of intricacy, density, and despair netted in kidnap, virtual utopias, upended borders, and Freddy Krueger cosplay.