One Week to Apply to the 2021 Arts Center Residency!

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“The most significant impact from this residency was offering a safe and nourishing space to create, plan and be an artist. [...] This residency on Governors Island proves to be an example of the need for professional artist workspace to develop and sustain our practices in a safe, tech-friendly, resourced and well-kept environment. From this residency I was able to organize ideas, create two new dance films, test technology, explore movement and feel like I could leave my work at a location to give myself time to relax at home.”

– André Zachery, Resident at Arts Center 2020

There is one week left to apply to LMCC's 2021 Arts Center Residency!

The 2021 Arts Center Residency will provide short-term, project-based residencies to artists and creative practitioners whose work is concerned with the broader themes of 'equity' and 'sustainability.' These are thematic anchors which applicants may either choose to address explicitly or elaborate on how their practice and/or projects are relevant.

The residency will take place in the open plan studios at The Arts Center on Governors Island in two sessions:

Session One: May 4 – August 20, 2021
Session Two: August 30 – December 17, 2021

For details including eligibility criteria and program offerings, click here.

The deadline to apply is February 28, 2021, 11:59pm EST. No late applications will be accepted. Virtual interviews will be scheduled for finalists. All applicants will be notified by mid-April 2021.