NCAPER Unveils a 4-Step Action Plan to Strengthen Artists’ Resilience in Emergencies

Cars at a standstill during a hurricane evacuation.

In a bid to empower artists and cultural practitioners to proactively prepare for unforeseen emergencies, The National Coalition for Arts Preparedness and Emergency Response (NCAPER) has unveiled a comprehensive 4-step action plan. The initiative, titled "Strengthening Artists' Resilience: A 4-Step Action Plan for Preparedness," is set to revolutionize how artists safeguard their creative practices and well-being in times of crisis.

NCAPER recognizes the unique challenges artists face during emergencies, including natural disasters, economic downturns, and public health crises. The organization is committed to helping artists weather these storms and continue to contribute to the cultural fabric of society. Their newly launched action plan is a crucial step toward achieving this goal.

The 4-Step Action Plan Overview

The NCAPER 4-step action plan provides a clear roadmap for artists to prepare for emergencies effectively. Here's a brief overview of the plan's key components:

1. Build Resilience Through Financial Preparedness

This step encourages artists to create financial safety nets and develop a budget that allows for emergency savings. It emphasizes the importance of securing insurance, understanding grant opportunities, and exploring crowd-funding options to maintain financial stability in times of crisis.

2. Preserve and Protect Artistic Assets

NCAPER emphasizes the need for artists to document and protect their artistic work. This step includes guidance on cataloging artworks, creating digital backups, and securing physical pieces to prevent loss or damage during emergencies.

3. Develop an Emergency Action Plan

To ensure artists are well-prepared when disaster strikes, NCAPER provides guidance on developing a personalized emergency action plan. This includes creating a communication strategy, identifying safe storage options for artwork, and outlining steps to take during an emergency.

4. Access Resources and Support Networks

NCAPER encourages artists to connect with their local arts communities, explore available resources, and build a network of support. This step provides valuable information on how to seek assistance from government agencies, nonprofits, and fellow artists during emergencies.

How to Get Started

To dive into the details of each step and access additional resources, artists can visit the dedicated page on the NCAPER website: Strengthening Artists' Resilience: A 4-Step Action Plan for Preparedness.

NCAPER is dedicated to supporting artists through every stage of their careers and ensuring their resilience in the face of adversity. By following this action plan, artists can take proactive steps toward safeguarding their creative work, financial stability, and overall well-being in emergencies.

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