LMCC’s Basic Finance for Artists: Empowering NYC Creatives

The 2023 Basic Finance for Artists cohort Zoom screenshot
The 2023 Basic Finance for Artists cohort Zoom screenshot

At LMCC, we understand that thriving in the world of art often requires more than just talent and creativity—it demands financial awareness and balance. That's why we launched Basic Finance for Artists (BFA), a free professional development program aimed at equipping NYC artists with the practical skills needed for effective financial management.

This summer, we embarked on a journey of financial empowerment with an incredible cohort of 2023 LMCC grantees and resident artists. Engaging financial experts with creative backgrounds, the workshops presented on crucial subjects such as budgeting, credit management, retirement planning, and home ownership. These topics hold significant relevance to artists, influencing both their personal and professional lives and decision-making. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of this summer seminar.

BFA successfully concluded with the following talented artists:

  • Anthony Aiu, Manhattan Arts Grants
  • Marta Blair, SU-CASA
  • Da'Niro Elle Brown, Arts Center Residency
  • Jessica Cook, Extended Life
  • Ana Cordeiro, Arts Center Residency
  • Paul Deo, SU-CASA & Manhattan Arts Grants
  • Patricia Fields, Manhattan Arts Grants
  • Silvia I. Flores, Manhattan Arts Grants
  • Sika Foyer, SU-CASA; Manhattan Arts Grants
  • Camila Galaz, Arts Center Residency
  • Caroline Garcia, Workspace Residency
  • Nicole Goodwin, Manhattan Arts Grants
  • Chithra Jeyaram, Manhattan Arts Grants
  • Georgia Kung, Manhattan Arts Grants
  • Firoz Mahmud, Workspace Residency
  • Destiny Mata, Manhattan Arts Grants
  • Migiwa Miyajima, Manhattan Arts Grants
  • Bonita Oliver, Manhattan Arts Grants
  • Javier Piñero, Arts Center Residency
  • JoAnna Powell, SU-CASA & Manhattan Arts Grants
  • Maricela Reyes, Manhattan Arts Grants
  • Yumi Rodriguez, Manhattan Arts Grants
  • Catherine Rogers, Manhattan Arts Grants
  • Tara Salusso, Manhattan Arts Grants
  • Lapacazo Sandoval, Manhattan Arts Grants
  • Syma, Manhattan Arts Grants
  • Cindy Tsai, Manhattan Arts Grants
  • Michael Watson, Manhattan Arts Grants
  • Noël Simoné Wippler, SU-CASA
  • Gloria Zelaya, Manhattan Arts Grants

Since 2008, LMCC has presented a suite of free workshops and intensive seminars on timely issues in the areas of business proficiency, fundraising practices, and community engagement. All of our programs are designed specifically for artists living and working in New York City and offer opportunities to foster learning and dialogue, as well as create robust and expanding networks for participants. Learn more about LMCC’s Professional Development opportunities here.

Basic Finance for Artists was made possible with support from American Express.