LMCC Welcomes Session Two of Artists-in-Residence to The Arts Center at Governors Island!


We're thrilled to welcome a new cohort of incredible artists-in-residence at The Arts Center at Governors Island for our second residency session!

Session Two includes a cohort of 21 artists:

Dario Mohr
DW Zinsser
Faustine Badrichani
Jess Levey
Mitsuko Brooks
Andrés Senra
Farah Mohammad
Bobby Abate
Greg Mills
Michele Brody
Monica Duncan & Senem Pirler
Camila Galaz
BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance
Sarah Zarina Hakani
Nattie Trogdon + Hollis Bartlett
Javier E. Piñero
Stephanie Powell
Ronit Levin Delgado
Sika Foyer

LMCC’s residency programs aim to meet the immediate studio space needs of the artist community we serve by converting unconventional, vacant spaces into work and process space for artists. With the Arts Center at Governors Island, LMCC established our first permanent location for the artistic process, presentation, and gathering. LMCC’s residency programs are a vital part of our commitment to ensuring artists have free, collaborative space for creative development and production in New York City today and long into our shared futures.

We're eagerly anticipating the remarkable creations that will emerge from this group of artists during their residency.