Onyedika Chuke: The Forever Museum Archive_Circa 6000BCE & R2R 2021 Festival in The Brooklyn Rail!

Oneydika Chuke: The Forever Museum Archive_Circa 6000BCE on view at The Arts Center at Governors Island until October 31 has been featured in The Brooklyn Rail as well as River to River Festival's 2021 program!

"For the past decade, Chuke’s practice has pushed the boundaries of conceptual work, mold-making, sculpture, and the concept of a “site specific-installation,” using the exhibition space to further explore the premise of The Forever Museum Archive. The reappropriation of objects and spaces in The Forever Museum not only amplifies this project but also shifts the ways in which we contextualize the physical spaces we inhabit." writes Folasade Ologundudu for The Brooklyn Rail. Click here to read the full article! 

There was also a special mention of the slow walk with Okwui Okpokwasili and Emilý Æyer’s Processions which the writer described as "both simple and challenging."

"Slow walking asks you to balance two forces: your personal experience of the walk and the momentum of the group. I began the procession thinking I had mastered the task. It’s like The Fault in Our Stars: every moment contains an infinite number of moments within it. If you try to catch each one, you can spend at least five minutes taking one step." writes Noa Weiss for The Brooklyn Rail.

On Maria Hassabi and Oisín Monaghan's piece TOGETHER (2019):

"Although TOGETHER was created before the pandemic, every performance in this era has a whiff of quarantine significance. The sight of two people, confined to one spot, moving through constant tension felt uncomfortably familiar. Slowness, duration, dyed jeans on thin attractive people in public space—these devices have floated around the dance world for decades. The piece itself didn’t try anything radical, but the context breathed in a new relevance. A fitting dance for a time when we crave connection, but also feel the strain of being together."

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