Photo by Roshni Khatri
Photo by Roshni Khatri

The Take Care Series 
Saturday, September 30

Artist Studios, Upper Level 

Come and be part of LMCC's final day of complimentary Saturday art programs at The Arts Center at Governors Island!

Engage with LMCC's Arts Center artists-in-residence during the Open Studios event! Explore their studios, where they will reveal their ongoing creative projects and artistic processes. Featured artist lineup includes: Bobby Abate, Faustine Badrichani, Michele Brody, Mitsuko Brooks, Monica Duncan & Senem Pirler, Teresa Fellion, Sika Foyer, Camila Galaz, Sarah Hakani, Nattie Trogdon & Hollis Bartlett, Jess Levey, Ronit Levin Delgado, Gregory Mills, Farah Mohammad, Dario Mohr, Javier Piñero, Stephanie Powell, Andres Senra, and DW Zinsser.




Nattie Trogden + Hollis Bartlett


Performance/Talk (30 min)

‘Fallacies’ is a movement work of reference and research project that culls known dances from pop culture and bodily memory to live in the space between replication and translation. Nattie + Hollis will share movement sequences from this choreographic archival practice and have an open discussion around this work exploring originality, possession, and meaning-making through dance.

@nattietroggie / @holbart


BodyStories: Teresa Fellion


Screening + Talk (30 min)

Teresa Fellion will share Inside/Outside, a full-length community-based, site-specific choreographic work. This work will explore identity. It will explore how place, political atmosphere, and community affect our personal narratives. Fellion will be creating explorative workshops utilizing trauma-informed approaches, with the support of mental health professionals, to accompany the performance. Moreover, Fellion will share video projected media containing previous performances and creative processes.



Monica Duncan + Senem Pirler

Confessions on a Transmission Line


In" Confessions on a Transmission Line," we explore the audiovisual process of feedback as a spiritual practice in relation to Camp and queer potentiality. Using real-time signal processing tools and improvisational strategies, we set up a performance space where our persona interacts with a discarded megaphone. By re-using this object as a tool and instrument to both project and receive transmission frequencies, we are searching for a way to communicate with our queer ancestors and those yet to be born.

@marblemonmon / @s_pirler


Bobby Abate

The Outside Tarot 

Lecture (15-30 min)

I am excited to present the Outsider Tarot and its guidebook for open studios, a project that took 10 years to research, create and self-publish.  I will discuss the inspiration, esoteric foundations, new suits of the Minor Arcana, a Major Arcana without people and the eviction of the royal family. We might even do a reading or two. Copies of the deck and guidebook will be available for purchase.

The Outsider Tarot reinterprets the Golden Dawn and Rider Waite decks, emphasizing inclusivity and diversity within the original esoteric framework. The hand-rendered imagery fuses classic Tarot style with my own artwork, which will be on display in my studio space.  The spiritual guide for the Outsider Tarot is Rachel Pollack, an internationally renowned trans author, artist, and Tarot grandmaster, who sadly passed away this year. Rachel joins other inspirational 'Outsiders' like Kathy Acker, Punk Rock Feminist writer; Leigh Bowery, avant-garde performance artist; Nina Simone, legendary singer; Samuel Steward, renegade Queer author and tattoo artist; Jackie Shane, trailblazing transgender soul singer, and more, enriching the deck with their wisdom and guidance.    @bobbysweetkitty


Ronit Levin Delgado

Shabbat Brides (Work in Progress)

Performance + Screening (20 min)

“We can only grab another’s hand when our hand is free” 

Multidisciplinary artist Ronit Levin Delgado, in collaboration with Katie Cercone and Kelly Shaw Nyala, invites the audience to enter into our bodies and engage in self-reflection through symbolic movement-based rituals allowing ourselves to focus on the moment, to dance, sing and share mother nature’s gifts, celebrating the abundance and joy of nature. 

Each performer embodies a hybrid Goddess of Happiness, reminding viewer’s there’s no need to look outside of ourselves or worship a disembodied idol. Rather, we can find peace, joy and happiness by gazing inwards - and claiming what we have culturally disavowed or denied ourselves permission to actualize. A signature of Delgado’s work, mirrors and reflective surfaces embellish the installation space as three Goddesses dance in choreographed sequences for connection to the spirit realms and nature.

As a whole, the performance invites audience participants to reflect upon their relationship from the spacious naturescape of Governor’s Island, just a heartbeat away from the city and its perpetual chaos. Audience members are invited to “go within” and join the three Artists in self-reflective exploration of the Goddess within, an ancient path to liberation…

The performance will formally begin in the outdoor gallery space, whereby the artists will interact with found natural objects on the island, including each other, vacillating between contact dance and other dance-based movements. Eventually the piece moves indoors, where inspired by the natural elements and sounds of magical Governors Island, a trinity of female artists connect and activate the surroundings through movements based in Yoga - including Breath of Joy meditation, various nature-based asanas and group exercises. A video installation capturing the water in front of the Statue of Liberty that is also connected to Governors Island will be projected. Reminding us that life is fluid and pure. Water being one of our most essential natural resources, and one of Mother Earth’s gifts, it will be a primary symbolic centerpiece within the interactive performance ritual.


The Arts Center at Governors Island is home to year-round artist residency programs for artists working in any discipline. LMCC’s residency programs aim to meet the immediate studio space needs of the artist community we serve by converting unconventional, vacant spaces into work and process space for artists. With the Arts Center at Governors Island, LMCC established our first permanent location for artistic process, presentation and gathering. LMCC’s residency programs are a vital part of our commitment to ensuring artists have free, collaborative space for creative development and production in New York City today and long into our shared futures.

The 2023 Arts Center Residency will offer residencies to artists and creative practitioners, currently in need of studio space to support their practice, who are interested in a short-term residency experience focused on experimentation, ongoing development, and being in dialogue with fellow residents. LMCC welcomes applications from artists whose practice is self-directed and process-based and would benefit from the unique resource of the Arts Center at Governors Island serving as an incubator for research and interdisciplinary collaboration.