The Take Care Series
Saturday, October 15

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Amy Khoshbin and Jennifer Khoshbin:
The Sun Seekers Induction


Westfield World Trade Center, 185 Greenwich St, New York, NY

On October 15, the Oculus transforms into an immersive world for healing and connecting with the sun, our environment, and our bodies.

Conceived by Iranian-American sisters Amy Khoshbin and Jennifer Khoshbin, and told by an ensemble cast of performers, dancers, and musicians. The Sun Seekers Induction is an hourlong performance based on a fictional sci-fi narrative tied to our indoor, on-screen life co-written by Yuliya Tsukerman and choreographed by Danielle Russo, featuring performers Mercedes Searer, Ching-I Chang, Malcolm McMichael, and musicians Alex Koi and Jon Panikkar.

The ceremony introduces the Sun Seekers, beginning with their origin story and how they left the “Wreck-tangle” world of cell phones and digital devices. Audience members are invited to participate in object-making and activating the senses with durational, technology-free somatic experiences.

Through storytelling and engaging in the Seekers’ practices of bellowing, mumbling, hugging, rolling on the ground, and staring at clouds to look for portals and messages, passersby are converted into Sun Seekers.

Art, movement and dance, music, community, and humor all combine in this truly unique interactive experience. In the words of the artists, “Engage with us to awaken senses left untapped in the Wreck-tangle world – enter the sun and be reborn!”

Sunday, October 16

Amy Khoshbin & Jennifer Khoshbin, The Sun Seekers Induction Ceremony, photo by Barbara Hermor

Amy Khoshbin and Jennifer Khoshbin
Sun Seekers

Upper Gallery, The Arts Center at Governors Island

Become a Sun Seeker! Heal from the burnout, detach from your phone (Wreck-tangle), and connect with yourself, each other and the natural world. Engage with the large-scale sensory sculptures in the Sunport to awaken senses left untapped in the Wreck-tangle world – enter the sun and be reborn!


Open Studios with Arts Center

From 1-5pm
Artist Studios, Upper Level 

Connect with LMCC's Arts Center artists-in-residence at Open Studios! Visit artists in their studios, where they will share works-in-progress as well as offer hands-on and engaging activities for attendees.

2022 Session Three Artists-in-Residence :

Sue Huang & Jonah King 
Anna Rinzo
ManSee Kong
Priscilla Aleman 
Alexis Almeida
Maria Ylvisaker
Ohan Breiding
Julia Taszycka
Lu Lyu
Lisa Crafts
Sarah Nicholls
Becca Albee
Ralph Farris
Carolyn Monastra