Earth Matter, Photo by Brian Buckley
Earth Matter, Photo by Brian Buckley

The Take Care Series 
Saturday, August 12

Earth Matter Workshop by Brian Buckley

Earth Matter
Make an Herbarium: Plants Can Live Forever

Studio A4, Upper Gallery, The Arts Center at Governors Island

Meet 12 farmers who have captured the ephemeral nature, from seed to flower (or vegetable), of common, everyday plants. Experience 12 collages of preserved specimens, from roots to shoots, and then learn to make your own flower press to take home. You can create a library of plants and flowers (herbarium) that will delight you forever.

Earth Matter was conceived in spring 2009 to address the dual problems of resource recovery and healthy soils with a single solution: promoting the local composting of organic waste into a healthy soil amendment. We are passionate about resource recovery and healthy soil as primary goals of a 21st century urban environment.