LMCC Alumni: We Would Love Your Input!


LMCC Alumni: we are reaching out to you to help us activate a new kind of engagement with LMCC. You have a connection to LMCC whether it be through a presentation, residency, or grant program. Recognizing that core to LMCC’s work is to serve, connect, and make space for artists and community, we want to explore ways of engaging and activating this vibrant group, which we will call the LMCC Circle.

Building on our connection, we want the LMCC Circle to be a conduit – digitally and in person – for us to continue to support one another. To this end, we’ve created a survey that focuses on ways that we all can build a community garden, where we meet to sustain, celebrate, and learn from one another.

Please take time to give us feedback to inform our next steps by clicking the button below:

Please reply by Tuesday, March 24.

This survey should take you 10 minutes and includes four sections on Communication, Programming, Gathering, and Your Practice. Your responses will help us structure engagement based on your needs.

Knowing that your time is a precious resource, we so value your input as we work to form the LMCC Circle.

Note: All responses to this survey will be kept confidential. If you have any problems with the survey itself, please contact Molly Gross at mgross@lmcc.net.