Arts Center Residency Open Studios

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Arts Center Residency Open Studios

Join us for Open Studios at The Arts Center at Governors Island on May 18, 2024. Engage directly with resident artists & curatorial fellows in their studios, and learn about their diverse practices. RSVP here for free tickets!

This event is free and open to all.

Artists in Residence:

Yasmeen Abdallah (@86cherrycherry)

Dahlia Bloomstone (@the_dancr_next_door)

Hedwig Brouckaert (@hedwig_brouckaert)

Graciela Cassel (@graciela_cassel)

Yanira Castro (@acanarytorsi)

binbinFactory/Satoshi Haga & Rie Fukuzawa (@binbinfactory)

Richard Grunn #urbanoscircus

Grace Lynne Haynes (@bygracelynne)

Grace Jahng Lee (@gsobrenome)

Fable Jones (@fable_jones)

Georgia Lale (@georgia_lale_studio)

Meaghan Elyse (@meaghan_elyse)

John Maria Gutierrez (@johnmariagutierrez)

Anna Ting Möller (@annatingmoller)

Bonita Oliver AKA French Leave

Ami Park (@iam__ami_)

Yin Ming Wong (@yinming_)

Yitian Yan (@yitian_yan)

Erica Shires, On-Site Assistant (2023 Alum) (@erica_shires)

Curatorial Fellows:

Kiara Cristina Ventura (

Meghana Karnik (@storefrontpsychic)



Erica Shires
Data Ghosts
Video screening, 30 min
“Data Ghosts is an experimental video using images I made with a microscope, wet-plate photography, lumen prints, and digital video. I then combined the old media with emerging 3D and AI software, examining the ongoing evolution of visual language.

Storyline: Cyanobotanists are experimenting with historical photographic processes and artificial intelligence trained in natural history archives to encode, reanimate, and virtually recreate the biodiversity of species that have gone extinct due to climate change.”



Graciela Cassel
We Are Rivers
Video screening, 30 min
“We Are Rivers” is a documentary film that highlights the significance of rivers in our lives and communities. The film features on-location interviews that showcase the emotional attachment people have to rivers. These interviews include local residents, volunteers, ship captains, and students who emphasize the need to preserve waterways for future generations.

Stories by: Gabriela Allen Scott Allen Debra Baratta Alex Blair Clarke Denis Cody Ann Herrmann George Resnov Francisco Reyes Frank Schwall Michael Smith Howard Sugarman Robina Tagliaferrow Marcelo Troche Kenny Williams Karl Wills Directed by Graciela Cassel Music: AIERT ERKOREKA dancer: LAUREN MARIE JAEGER cinematography: OXANA ONIPKO and MICHAEL ECKELS sound designer: WALDER MARTINEZ voice over: JUSTIN MYLES WALKER SPECIAL THANKS CAPTAIN CHRIS CULLEN-ISLAND CURRENT III PAUL GARCIA. HARBOR SCHOOL WE ARE RIVERS WAS CREATED WITH THE SUPPORT OF A GRANT FROM NEW YORK FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS



Dahlia Bloomstone
Video Game Performance Lecture, 30 min
Dahlia Bloomstone’s video game performance lecture, Blue Sugary Money II, is interspersed with eating and sharing edible currency, dance, live omnichord sound stitched together with diaristic video and 3D fish animations, monologues written on labor, mutual aid, economic dependence, and desirability politics, and a consumptive musical mnemonic.


Richard Grunn with Sheridan Grunn
La Schiuma
Performance, 15 min
Performance of a foam-constructed body puppet that discovers the dangers of technology.


Meghana Karnik
Listening Session: Hope is a discipline
Listening Session, 1-hour

“Please join LMCC Curatorial Fellow, Meghana Karnik, and ISCP Curator-in-Residence, Eugene Hannah Park for a listening session of their in-process vinyl record, Hope is a discipline, named after their collective curatorial research. The exhibition opens to the public at LMCC’s Arts Center on Governor’s Island July 20 – September 29, 2024.

“”Hope is a discipline”” is both an exhibition and network, inhabiting Mariame Kaba’s concept of hope: a “hope” that is neither just a feeling, nor horizon, but a project of communal labor. As the curators research how to curate a process (aligned with socially-engaged artistic practices) the project blurs the lines between facilitator and participant; archive and event. Rehearsing a poetics of assembly with artists, audiences, and peers, they organize “commoning” experiences with thought partners interested in the questions such as: How do we make places? How do we attend to solidarities? Can friendship create structural change?

Their vinyl record carries the sounds, traces, and marginalia from the first iteration of Hope is a discipline, which took place at de Appel Amsterdam, and the project’s aftermath in Cuba.

Hope is a discipline is curated by: Meghana Karnik (LMCC, New York), Eugene Hannah Park (ISCP, New York / South Korea), Marina Christodoulidou (de Appel, Amsterdam), & Billy Fowo (SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin)”