Tuesday, June 27 from 10:00-11:30am

LaGuardia Neighborhood Senior Center

The Memory Project is a hands-on activity based workshop in which art is used as a medium for storytelling. The Public Program as the culminating event will showcase the participants’ creations in three different forms they have learned, pop-up books, Shadow Theater and Toy Theater. Video recordings of their pop-up book stories and shadow puppetry of special memories of their childhood will be played on a loop on the large TV in the cafeteria. An exhibition of their pop-up books will be in the courtyard of the center. As well,
shadow puppets and scenery created from their collective stories will be displayed. The performance section of the Public Program will be held in the courtyard. In order to encourage audience participation, it will open with a traditional Chinese song, encouraging others to sing along. A performance of Toy Theater will follow, inspired by the participants’ special memories of their childhood. As interaction between theparticipants and the audience is encouraged, theater games such as sound and movement will take place. Furthering the interactive component, the audience can collect stamps at different stations (video, art work exhibition, Toy Theater performance and interviewing a participant). With a full collection of stamps they can redeem a treatAfter the performance, refreshments will be provided giving the opportunity for the participants to celebrate their achievements.