Congratulations to LMCC Alumni on receiving the 2021 Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship!

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The Latest Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship grant recipients have been announced!

Congratulations to LMCC Alumni Ying Liu and Ephrat Asherie on receiving the 2021 Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship!

Each award is $50,000 over two years ($25,000 per year) in direct support to artists to create new work, advance artistic goals, and/or promote professional development.

Ying Liu participated in the Workspace 2018-2019 and Ephrat Asherie was part of River To River 2016 as well as Extended Life 2016-2017.

LMCC artists were among each category of finalists, including Moriah Evans (Artist in Residence 2020), Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith (Process Space 2016), Malcolm Low (Process Space 2014), Mariana Valencia (Extended Life 2019), Cathy Linh Che (Workspace 2013-2014), Beatrice Glow (Workspace 2019-2020), Stephanie Chou (Creative Engagement 2020), Piehole–Tara Ahmadinejad, Alexandra Panzer, Ben Vigus, Jeffrey Wood (Workspace 2015-2016), Golnar Adili (Workspace 2018-2019), Onyedika Chuke (LMCC Arts Center artist), Gordon Hall (Process Space 2016), Sunita Prasad (Process Space 2016), Naomi Safran-Hon (Workspace 2019-2020), and Kenneth Tam (Workspace 2017-2018).

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