Audition Notice: Call for Performers!

Photo credits to Faye Driscoll
Photo credits to Faye Driscoll

LMCC alum Faye Driscoll is seeking an ensemble of experienced, curious and grounded performers for her newest project, scheduled to premiere at New York Live Arts in late 2022 / early 2023 and tour into 2023/24.

Driscoll’s newest performance work, she draws upon two prolific choreographies: the act of battle and the act of sex. We fight and we have sex and we love to watch others do these things, at an increasing remove.

Driscoll participated in the following artist residencies at LMCC: Process Space 2010 Extended Life: 2013 Process Space 2013 Extended Life 2014 Extended Life 2015 Process Space 2014 River To River 2017.

We are eager to for Faye's upcoming work!