Sara Jimenez, Workspace 2019-20


Sara Jimenez is a Brooklyn-based artist born in London, ON, Canada.

Sara is a multi-disciplinary artist who creates reimagined mythological environments, characters, and objects from historical colonial texts. Her exhibitions include a 3-person show Here We Land, Wave Hill, Bronx, NY, 2019; a group show UPROOT, Smack Mellon, Brooklyn, NY, 2017; and Crossing Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Museum, Curated by Eugenie Tsai, Brooklyn, NY, 2014, with the collaborative group Tatlo.


She is a recipient of Art Omi’s Cecily Brown Fellowship, Ghent, NY, 2019; Feminist Incubator Project Project for Empty Space, Newark, NJ, 2019, as well as BRICworkspace Residency, NYC, 2018.

Urduja_Sara_Jimenez Cenotaph_Sara_Jimenez Silent_Malady_Sara_Jimenez The_Edge_of_Dwelling_Stefan_Hagen
"The Edge of Dwelling," 2019, Inkjet prints of colonial photography, Papier-mâché, 3 channel sound installation (in collaboration with Lau Nau), 20 x 15 x 10 feet (Dimensions of room))