Mariana Valencia, Extended Life 2019


Mariana Valencia, is a dance artist based in Brooklyn, her work has been presented by Danspace Project, American Realness, AUNTS, The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago and in Serbia and Macedonia. Valencia is a Whitney Biennial artist (2019), a Bessie Award recipient for Outstanding Breakout Choreographer (2018), a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Award to Artists grant recipient (2018), a Jerome Travel and Study Grant fellow (2014-15), a Yellow House Fund of the Tides Foundation grant recipient (2010-13) and a Movement Research GPS/Global Practice Sharing artist (2016/17). She is a founding member of the No Total reading group and she has been the co-editor of Movement Research’s Critical Correspondence (2016-17).  In New York she’s has held residencies at Chez Bushwick (2013), New York Live Arts Studio Series (2013-14), ISSUE Project Room (2015), Brooklyn Arts Exchange (2016-18) and Gibney Dance Center (2019). Nationally, she’s held residencies at Show Box LA and Pieter Pasd in Los Angeles, CA (2014); and at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, OR (2018). As a performer, Valencia has worked with Lydia Okrent, Jules Gimbrone, Elizabeth Orr, Kate Brandt, AK Burns, Em Rooney, robbinschilds, Kim Brandt, Fia Backstrom and MPA.


Her performances include:

“Futurity,” Solo, Curated by Greta Hartenstein for the Whitney Biennial, June 2-16 2019; New York, NY.

“Futurity” examines the concept of site—whether personal, public, historic or fictitious—drawing especially on the social history of the west side and “village” of downtown New York from the 1960s to mid 1970s. “Futurity” is an embodied aural experience with the sunset as its light source. It carries with it the character of Star Baby, (a being with skates for feet) who catches signals from the Star people and archives their stories in order to form a full fiction. She layers personal memory with interpretive stories, paying homage to the many queerstories that converge in the performance space.

“Bouquet,” Solo, The Chocolate Factory Theater, April 18-27 2019; Long Island City, NY.

“ALBUM,” Solo, American Realness Festival, January 10-15 2018; Nw York, NY.


Valencia is also a recipient of:

2018 Bessie Award recipient for Outstanding Breakout Choreographer; New York, NY.

2018 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Award to Artsits Grantee; New York, NY.


She has participated in the following residencies:

Dance in Process, Gibeny Dance Center; New York, NY 2019.

Creative Exchange Lab, the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art; Protland, OR 2018.

Artist in Residence, Brooklyn Arts Exchange; Brooklyn, NY 2016-18.

Artist in Residence, ISSUE Project Room; Brooklyn, NY 2015.

Studio Series Residency, New York Live Arts; New York, NY 2013.


Performance still from “Bouquet” performed at The Chocolate Factory Theater, 2019.