Thank You for Joining Us at the 2021 Virtual Manhattan Community Arts Breakfast!

On behalf of the board and staff of LMCC, thank you for joining us at the 2021 Virtual Manhattan Community Arts Breakfast!

We were delighted to offer this platform in celebration of the fantastic work of our grantees and SU-CASA artists throughout Manhattan and the public partnerships that help to make it all possible. We also hope you were able to engage in meaningful conversations at the event and started to build strong connections you can carry forward.

To assist you in taking those next steps, please download the complete directory of this year’s attendees here. You can also access the event program here for further details about today’s presentations by grantees Annette A Aguilar & StringBeans, Jing Dong, and Andres “Jay” Molina.

Once again, our many thanks and congratulations to all of our 2021 grantees and SU-CASA artists! We are proud of our role in supporting what you do. Please keep us posted on your future activities, and we hope to see you again soon.

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