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Workshop: The Power of Two Suns

Drop into a hands-on creative workshop designed by a teaching artist in response to underlying themes in Yto Barrada with invited guest Bettina’s exhibition The Power of Two Suns.

Join artists from the Textile Arts Center to learn more about natural dye plants. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to extract the dyes from flowers, roots, leaves and barks (from historical and local sources) and how to transform them into paints for textiles.

About Textile Arts Center
Textile Arts Center (TAC) is a NYC-based resource facility dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of textiles through creative educational programs for children and adults. At TAC, we aspire to unite the textile community and advocate for the handmade by providing accessible, skills-based classes that reinvigorate engagement with traditional crafts. Techniques like weaving, sewing, and dyeing are practical, connective, and process-driven — common denominators for designers, artists, and creative practitioners around the world.