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Workshop: Pathway to Paris, Reimagining New York 2040

Join us for a family workshop filled with hope, thought and inspiration towards a better future. We invite you to create your vision of a renewable NYC through collaborative drawing, collage and text, adding collective inspiration and ideas Pathways to Paris 1000 CITIES Initiative for Carbon Freedom. This initiative is based on the idea that if 1000 cities around the world develop and implant ambitious climate action plans, we will achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement and beyond.

About Pathway to Paris
Pathway to Paris is a nonprofit organization dedicated to turning the Paris Agreement into reality through finding and offering innovative and ambitious solutions for combating global climate change. Founded by musicians and activists Jesse Paris Smith and Rebecca Foon in 2014, the organization brings together musicians, artists, activists, experts, academics, politicians, innovators, all citizens of the planet to participate in a series of events, dialogues, and leading initiatives. Pathway to Paris believes that in this urgent global crisis, collaboration is key to transforming our cities and moving into a new era of 100% renewable energy.