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Performance: Anne Mourier, Taking Care Laundry

Over the course of the performance, Anne Mourier invites the audience to drop in and help honor domestic rituals of care and tradition around washing and preparing clothes.

We have forgotten but there is healing in the humble pleasures of domestic life. Doing the laundry—the feel of fresh water on your hands, the smell of Marseille soap and lavender, the calm of the white linens drying in the sun, the iron gliding on silk, the crisp, white sheets, the pile of perfectly pressed shirts—the sensation of labor accomplished. Artist Anne Mourier questions if these simple pleasures can build bridges amongst us. She invites you to do laundry with her. Favorite white articles of clothing will be collected, washed by hand, dried in the sun, ironed and folded with care, perfumed with fresh lavender and returned to their owners. She wonders…could our society start healing simply by Taking Care of things and of each other?

About Anne Mourier

Anne Mourier is a French-born and Brooklyn-based artist.
She is a woman, a daughter and a mother.
Mourier believes that the unbalance experienced in our society and the environmental crisis both stem from a repudiation of the feminine archetype. Her ambition is to rekindle our awareness and attraction for The Feminine.

Her work is represented by the Muriel Guépin Gallery in New York City and Sohn Fine Art in Massachusetts.  Her solo exhibition, Cleaning It Up, in Brooklyn in 2013, was the inaugural exhibition at The Glass House @ The Invisible Dog, which she designed.  International solo shows include Mary’s at CAOS Art Gallery during the 2015 Venice Biennale as well as Maries in 2016 and Alma Mater in 2017 in Rots, France. She exhibited in Arles, France during Les Rencontres in 2018 and has presented numerous performances notably at The Brooklyn Central Library and at The Invisible Dog Art Center