SU-CASA Spotlight: Andrew Suseno

Andrew Suseno and Parcon NYC. Photo credit: Savita Cupid
Andrew Suseno and Parcon NYC. Photo credit: Savita Cupid

Andrew Suseno, a founder of Parcon NYC, is a current LMCC SU-CASA artist-in-residence at Corsi House Neighborhood Senior Center in East Harlem. We were thrilled to have to some time to speak with Andrew and learn more about the creative and inclusive movement practice of parcon.

What is Parcon?

Andrew describes parcon as a movement form inspired by parkour, which uses the city or environment as an obstacle course, contact improvisation, an improvised dance form where movers share weight in a dialogue between any part of their body as they fall and rebalance through the space together, and social justice.

Andrew developed his approach to parcon over the last two to three years, through his workshops and exploration with Parcon NYC. Originally a professional modern dancer, and always interested in the integration of the mind/body experience, he studied somatic therapies and eventually became a physical therapist.

Andrew’s work bridges body movement and touch with social interactions, consent, and negotiations of identity and power. Parcon uses touch as a powerful way to get to know oneself: to address who we are in relation to where we are, and who we are around through an interdependent, dynamic contact with everything.

Who participates?

Everyone! This approach to parcon evolved out of Andrew’s physical therapy practice with various populations and people of varying levels of physical abilities. It’s a particularly accessible movement form, regardless of class or able-bodiedness, due to a focus on developing active listening and a shared language of agency. From this, movers can rely on each other in ways that go beyond status-quo boundaries.

It redefines embodiment and the relationship between humans and their surroundings.


Parcon is by and for people of color and marginalized identities. At Corsi House, Andrew is working with seniors of color in his class to develop relevant curriculum that engages them with movement, touch, and empathy through contact. The final phase of his residency will move toward an intergenerational sharing of parcon with a nearby school where he also offers classes.

Learn more about Parcon NYC.

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Andrew Suseno and Parcon NYC. Photo: Savita Cupid

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