Onassis AiR 2020/21: The School of Infinite Rehearsals

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In 2020/21, Οnassis AiR and LMCC have partnered based on similarities in how we approach our relationships with artists; both institutions enter into a conversation with artists from the position of questions such as “what do you need?” rather than “this is what we can offer you”. Both institutions support artists through multi-year program initiatives and wish to build long-term integral relationships with alumni.

During the first year of Οnassis AiR School of Infinite Rehearsals, two LMCC alumni artists that are within the Extended Life Program, will participate in the Fall 2020 Movement Groups at Οnassis AiR exploring notions of identities. One more LMCC alumni artist will participate in the Spring 2021 Movement Group exploring the question of human and non-human interactions. During 2021, selected Οnassis AiR alumni will travel to the new studios of LMCC on Governors Island in order to take their research further and benefit from the extremely diverse community and peers of LMCC.

2020-2021 Artists-in-Residence


Moriah Evans


Will Rawls


Kenneth Pietrobono