Zach Mason is a Brooklyn based visual artist experimenting in a variety of mediums, both physical and digital, two and three-dimensional. His work explores themes of creation, identity, unity, and the correlation between the vast and the microscopic. Creation in the natural world relies on a fusion of unbreakable laws and random variables. The forms of our universe are rooted in scientific equations but it is the variables, the elements of chaos that allow for an infinite number of manifestations.

Mason’s art mimics this process of Creation. He makes set decisions while intentionally leaving open variables, inviting chaos into his work. His process becomes a dialogue between aspects of control and disorder. By giving in to this process and leaving space for the unknown, Mason allows his work to evolve in an open-ended manor, resulting in a complexity of forms he could not have pre-conceptualized.

During his Swing Space residency at Governors Island, Mason will be working on a large carved painting formed through the layered application of pigmented acrylic plaster onto wood panel. The colors, textures and forms of the piece will be reveled through a process of excavation, using an assortment of carving tools.

Featured Image Photo Credit: courtesy of the artist.