Wonderfully evocative music from Yael Acher-Modiano.” – Gay City NYC, August 29, 2013, David Noh


Yael Acher “Kat” Modiano is a Tel-Aviv born, New York-based, multiple-genre flutist, composer and educator. She is the leader of the progressive Jazz group “Kat” Modiano Quartet. As an electro-acoustic flutist and composer, working with different genres of music and multimedia, Yael is inspired by the visual, cultural, and social elements of a diverse urban scenario. Her eclectic musical expressions reach different communities, while one simple aspiration propels all her work: connecting with the hearts and minds of people, through the empowering experience of dreaming. She believes that live music has the ability to engage audiences of all ages and is beneficial on mental, emotional, and physical levels. In addition to aesthetics of classical western contemporary music, Yael’s compositions and improvisations draw inspiration from the rhythmic, melodic, and sonorous elements found in Jazz, and in ritualistic music of indigenous cultures such as Middle Eastern Bedouins, Australian Aborigines, Native Americans, monastic Tibetan Buddhists chants and Japanese Zen. Performances and commission credits include performances in USA, Canada, Japan, Europe and Israel.

Original releases include Redcar, “KaT”-inDustrial, Copenhagen (2001); MODIANO, “KaT”-inDustrial, Copenhagen (2003); La Belle Ombre, NYC (2006); and KAT and MOON, Manna-hata with “KAT” Modiano Quartet, NYC (2014). Yael is a recipient of grants including the Fulbright Commission, NYU (2005); Foundation For Contemporary Arts; LMCC’s Manhattan Community Arts Fund, supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and administered by LMCC (2014); Danish Art Council; and NoMAA. Modiano graduated with a B.A in Classical Flute from the Rubin Academy in Jerusalem, where she studied also Jazz and Composition.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Supramod VD