WPC is a hybrid identity, equal parts artist, journalist, political activist, archivist, and curious observer.WPC acknowledges the contemporary condition of art making; lookingbeyond the traditional artistic boundaries that place participants inside or outside, the model considers an active, implicated audience, performing collectively.

In its current incarnation, WPC is a working agency, referential of a modern day Farm Security Administration documentation initiative.The WPC headquarters on GovernorsIsland currently houses its three founders, Erica Leone, Heather M. O’Brien, and Felisia Tandiono; three artists with diverse national, educational, and professionalbackgrounds who seek to evoke a collective experience, a conduit of curiosity and learning that can be shared with others.

During Swing Space WPC has engaged in and observed image-making during the current economic recession, including conducting focus groups, interviews, research outings, and producing cultural data through video, audio, and photographic means. WPC’s office headquarters installation on Governors Island will present agency findings and engage participants in dialogue about present day image-making and consumption. Future projectsinclude visual literacy educational platforms and an online journal of findings; two timely grassroots alternatives to formal institutions in the current financial climate.

Image Credit: Courtesy of the Artist