The absurdity, chaos, and tragedy of our everyday life forms the basis of Willum Geerts’s multidisciplinary art. He explores the conventions, clichés, rules, and the manipulations which evolve from our excessive and superficial consumer culture and the resulting effects on our behavior and identity. He questions the individual and “The Conformist Act” in relation to our materialistic, affluent, yet entertaining society, often with a humorous and ironic approach, which results in confusion, structural distortion, and even further absurdity.

Within the context of his work Geerts asks the viewer/participant to re-address the world they live in. As such, many of his projects take place in locations outside of an art related context, where the audience plays an active and major role. He engages the banal by adding dramatic, theatrical elements to it, isolating it from its regular context or mixing it with apparent opposites.

A Dutch artist, Willum Geerts is based in Amsterdam and New York and exhibits and performs his multidisciplinary work internationally on a regular basis.

As a director and actor he has worked in both the theater and Dutch National Television. As a musician he appears with his politically engaged absurdist collective “Salonpunk Orchestra,” Human Alert, producing albums and touring Europe and the U.S. (including SXSW) amongst other musical projects.

He has received grants from the Dutch Art Foundation, Mondriaan Foundation, curated performances festivals including the Van Abbemuseum, and participates in international residencies such as the Art Omi International Artist’s Residency.

During his time with Swing Space in the spring and fall of 2010, Geerts will be working on a new OPERA: his conceptual framework where the various media in which he works are merged together into performative installations.

OPERA#7, exploring the theme of “power”, will focus on the manipulative powers we experience in our everyday life.

Image credit: courtesy of the artist